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4am, St Kilda

The corner of Wellington Street and Dandenong Road at 4am is bathed in a sea of flashing blue lights. He thinks they might be stars exploding, a final farewell to the night sky that has been their home for billions of years. Or, they might be from a police car. He can’t be sure. He’s … Continue reading 4am, St Kilda


It didn’t take long for The Man to become bolder. After that first encounter, his Saturday mornings are increasingly filled with pornography. He doesn’t want to like it, but his awakening sexuality invites, almost compels him, to take in the images, to allow fantasises to play out in his mind. The Man watches. The first … Continue reading Polaroid


The first time it happens, his body reacts in a way he’d never imagined. He works in the bookshop every Saturday morning, has done for several weeks now. His job is to unpack the boxes of second-hand books, deceased estates usually, and classify them by genre, little piles of Crime Fiction, Romance, Literature, History, and … Continue reading Porn


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About Me

On 13 November, 2021, I reached the age of 20,000 days. I am the someone you see in the window as you pass by. These are my stories. All of them happened.

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